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Let yourself be inspired by our drinks menu, carefully compiled for you.

Bartenders Signature Drinks
Höfli Spritz Gin rim infusion, apple liqueur gin, prosecco
Höfli Dream fresh berries, passion fruit, elderberry, rhubarb-strawberry jam, tonic
Raspberry Loop Vodka, fresh berries, ginger beer
Blueberry Yum Yum Lime rhum, blueberry, passion fruit, lemon, cream
Smokey Orange Single malt whiskey, honey, smokey orange ginger ale
Gin Basil Smash Gin, fresh basil, fresh lime juice, elderberry
Planter`s Punch Jamaican rum, fresh lime juice, pineapple juice, orange juice, grenadine
Pisco Sour Pisco, fresh lime juice, sugar, egg white
Mexican Mule Tequila, fresh lime juice, fresh mint, Le Tribute Ginger Beer
Old Cuban Rum, fresh lime juice, Angostura bitters, fresh mint, champagne
New York Sour Bourbon whiskey, fresh lime juice, sugar, egg white, red wine
Puerto Rico Mule Rum, almond, fresh lime juice, fresh mint, ginger beer
Erdbeer Caipiroska Vodka, fresh lime juice, fresh strawberries, brown sugar
Seedlip Tonic The non-alcoholic gin and tonic variation, perfect aperitif
Ipanema Fresh limes and lime juice, brown sugar, ginger ale
Coconut Kiss Pineapple juice, coconut puree, strawberry
Florida Pineapple juice, Passion fruit juice, Orange juice, Grapefruit juice, Grenadine
Joana Passion fruit juice, fresh lime juice, brown sugar
Grapefruit Sweet Grapefruit juice, vanilla, soda
Virgin Mary Tomato juice, salt, pepper, Tabasco, Worcester sauce
The Macallan 12 J. 43% (Speyside) Fruity-sweet with notes of caramel on the nose.
Oban 14 J. 43% (Highlands) Smoky on the nose, finish long fruity
Lagavulin Distillers Edition 43% (Isle of Islay) Smoky peat and iodine combine with vanilla, sweet raisins
Auchentoshan 21 J. 43% (Lowlands) Sweet chocolate aromas & mint unfold with oak & honey notes
Porfidio 2G 43.4% A flavorful, fruity whiskey that stays true to its raw material & terroir & shines with delicate notes of the finest Quercus Alba oak. 100% Blue Barley)
Nikka Taketsuru 45% On the nose with plums, raisins, green apples, cereals & black pepper. On the palate with espresso, milk chocolate, tobacco leaves, sherry, toasted oak & licorice and volatile notes of peat & barley.
Diplomatico Ron Reserva Exclusiva 40% (Venezuela) Maple syrup, brown sugar, licorice & orange zest. Predominantly sweet note, like toffee and pastry. Long finish
Ron Zacapa No. 23 Grand Reserva 40% (Guatemala) Sweet on the palate with sherry typical dried fruit, vanilla butterscotch, caramel, almond, chocolate & toasted wood.
RATU 8 Jahre Signature Rum Likör 35% (Fidji Island) Complex aromas of dark chocolate, coffee, coconut & orange peel.
Centenario 20 J. 40% (Costa Rica) The aroma releases aromas of vanilla, ripe apples, cherries & a little brandy. The mild & sweet taste is infused with vanilla & red fruits
Centenario 25 J. 40% (Costa Rica) Smells lightly of caramel & nuts, on the palate light spiciness & a dominant caramel flavor. Long attack with oak note
Opthimus 25 J. 38% (Dominikanische Republik) On the nose with notes of toffee, vanilla, chocolate, coffee & cocoa. The palate is sweet with toasted & oak flavors, has a sweet spicy finish.
32 Peaks is based on the 32 mountain peaks in Lichtenstein with an altitude of at least 2000 meters. The 11 carefully selected botanicals represent the 11 communities in the country. 100% handmade. Regional, natural & best organic quality.
Clouds 42% (Stetten) Cherry blossom, fir, very complex gin
The Botanist Islay Dry Gin <22> 46% Bruichladdich Distillery! Clear juniper, plus aromas of citrus
Morris 47% (St.Gallen) Fine alpine herbs paired with gentle juniper note
Brockmans 40% Notes of blueberries & blackberries
Prosecco Raffaello Veneto DOC 11% (Italien) 10cl Grape variety: Glera
Champagner Möet & Chandon Imperial Brut 11% (Frankreich) 75cl Grape variety: Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier & Pinot Noir
Champagner Möet & Chandon ICE Imperial 11% (Frankreich) 75cl Grape variety: Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier & Pinot Noir
Champagner Möet & Chandon Rose Imperial 12% (Frankreich) 75cl Grape variety: Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier & Pinot Noir
Edelspetz Premium 5.2%
St.Galler Klosterbräu 5.2%
Heineken 5%
Corona Extra 4.6%
Gallus 612 5.6%
Red Indian Pale Ale 6.8%
Weisser Engel 5.3%
Non-alcoholic 0.0%
Coca Cola
Coca Cola Zero
Rivella Rot
Swiss Mountain Spring Tonic Water
Swiss Mountain Spring Bitter Lemon
Swiss Mountain Spring Ginger Ale
Fever Tree Premium Tonic Water
Fever Tree Premium Ginger Beer
Thomas Henry Tonic Water